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SJHT AOY Champ 2023
Jackson Fu
SJHT Rookie AOY Champ 2023
SJHT Bass Classic Champ 2023
Jackson Fu
SJHT 2023 Records

# of Tournaments won
Jackson Fu- 5

2023 Heaviest 3 Fish Limit- NorthEast River
Jackson Fu - 10.88lbs.

2023 Lunker- Rainbow Lake
Mike Del Monico 5.67lbs.

Heaviest Weight in 2023
Jackson Fu- 88.30 lbs.

Most Fish Caught in 2023
Jackson Fu- 39

Most Tournaments Fished in 2023- Ironman
ALL 17 Tournaments Jiggen Den

2023 Classic Winner
Jackson Fu 6 Bass totalling 17.73lbs.

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2023 SJHT Bass Classic participants

2023 SJHT Bass Classic Anglers final Day at Salem Canal 10-01-23
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SJHT Rainbow Lake Club Results Sat. 04-08-23
Place: Rainbow Lake, Pittsgrove Twp, NJ
Date: Sat. April 08, 2023
Time: 7:00am-2:00pm
Weather: Breezy and Cool 48 Degrees warming up to 58 Forcast called for clearing skies with mild winds but that didn't occur to later part of day.
Water Temps: 57.8 Degrees
Water Clarity: 1.0'~1.5'
Wind: Early 15~20mph....easing up to about 15mph later in day.
Best Lure: Finesse smallie beavers and weightless worms
Depths fished: 2.0'~5.0'
Limit: 3 Bass

Welcome to our SJHT 3rd event of the 2023 Season where SJHT anglers came out to a chilly Rainbow Lake Day on the Water.

May as well get this out now....Here is my PSA for the day\weekend\weekday.. For those helping others to launch in the AM whether the weather is warm or cold, don't continue to wear your Hip Waders while on the boat. Personally speaking I went overboard chasing a Shimano\G-Loomis Spinning combo, in a remote area of the lake where there was a deep 5'-6' hole up near one of the creeks and almost didn't make it back into the rear of the boat with Cold weather gear on, Hip Waders, Soaked Hoody, and the shock of the water Temps hitting my body. Not too mention the thick Muck and submerged branches beneath the water. While things happened in slow motion, I was able to swim back to the side of the boat and made my way around to the rear of the Mercury Outboard motor to try to stand on and gain some lift. Still in a daze as to what just happened, I slowed my breathing to gather enough strength and upper arm strength to hang onto the rear steering cables, and motor itself. Upon realizing that water had accumulated in the Hip Waders, I realized the longer I stayed in this position, the worse it would get. Through the grace of God and realizing nobody was around for me to yell for Help, I somehow pulled myself back onboard the rear of boat. Stretch out and laying on the back for some time, I immediately started stripping the wet/soaked clothes off because I knew the breeze help me dry out quicker than remaining in those drenched clothes. Still not believing I went for a swim and wanting my combo back, I deployed the Heavy Jig\Crankbait dragging the bottom. The last thing I wanted was to dive back in 56 degree water for a Combo that I could really replace. It was the principle for me and at least giving it an attempt to retrieve. After 45mins of trying I was able to get it back and Head back towards the Boat Dock b/c I always carry a "Ready Bag" with extra change of clothing\Gear.

BLUF: Bottom Line up Front. One never knows when an incident whether man overboard, hook in skin, member medical emergency, or in my case the will and consciousness to keep calm and remember vital steps of one not wearing Hip waders while onboard your vessels, if overboard, wade back to your boat (if the current\wind hasn't blown it too far, use the outboard and trim up to help give the lift to raise oneself back onboard, and keep a change of clothes onboard\emergency kit or back in your tow vehicle (just in case). Always say "God is Good".

Happy Easter Weekend everyone. Let's get to it.

Today, 12 of SJHT finest came out to battle and compete for that 3rd Win of the season. The conditions slightly improved from last week at Malaga Lake, anglers knew that the big girls would start moving up....especially in those holes I mentioned.

Without further adieu, please give a big congrats to Bill *The Hammer* Leach on winning 1st place by weighing in a Bag of 3 nice Bass going 9.40lbs. 2nd Place was won by Jackson *Hold me Back Backlund* Fu with 3 bass going 7.85lbs. 3rd Place and Lunker was won by last weeks winner Mike *Big Momma* Del Monico with 2 Bass going 7.08lbs. Mikes Lunker went 5.67lbs by itself. Misc. was won by Ful with 1 Pickeral going 1.63bs.


Bill's 1st Place Bag of 3 Bass at 9.40lbs :

Jackson 2nd and Misc. 3 Bass at 7.85lbs:

Mike Del Monico 3rd Place winner at 7.08lbs:

Other Anglers bites:

David Snedeker Bag of Keepers:

Eric's Bag of Keepers:

Scott S. Bag of Keepers:

Layne's Bag of Keepers:

Rob's Bag of Keepers:

Jiggen Den's Keeper:

BN06's Lone Keeper after going overboard:

That OH S**T Look after chasing a Shimano Combo and falling into the 57 Degree water temps:

Broke window after recovering Combo from depths:

Emergency Ready-Bag with extra set of clothing and gear:

Still fishing and catching Dinks after falling in.... Lucky my phone was still working also. Notice my Happy Look... Lol :

My guys out there still battling

Weigh in area:

Summary: The bite was pretty consistent for most throughout todays events.
Anglers reached there limits pretty quickly. The cookie cutter size bass were an issue but the bite was good. There were only a total of 28 Bass weighed. They gave way to a total of 59.58lbs overall. The avg. weight was 2.13lbs

Overall.... only 8 Anglers caught there 3 Bass Limit. 11 out of 12 Anglers caught at least 1 bass.

Congrats to Bill Leach, Jackson Fu, and Mike Del Monico on youur performances.

Next up is LUMS SP in 2 Weeks.


Edited by BigNasty06 on 04/09/2023
BN06, President
SJHT Official Standings after RAINBOW LAKE Event:

T's fished Name Points Lunker YTD Fish YTD Wgt.

3 Bill Leach 33.76 3.71 7 15.76
3 Jackson Fu 32.16 2.59 6 15.16
3 Mike Del Monico 30.88 5.67 7 14.88
3 David S. 23.91 2 7 10.91
2 Brian M. 17.9 1.86 6 8.9
3 Rob Masterson 17.47 1.72 5 8.47

2 Eric C. (R) 11.81 4.08 3 6.81
1 Scott S. 10.68 3.87 3 6.68
1 Layne Ell 9.32 - 3 5.32
2 Big Nasty 6.13 1.1 2 2.13
3 Dennis Tolentino 6.1 2.1 1 2.1
1 John P. 1 - - -
1 Carlos J. 1 - - -
1 Andy Trapper 1 - - -
1 Pete I. (R) 1 - - -
- Wayne *Moe* Sr. -- - - -
- Joe Reed - - - -
- Matt R. - - - -
- Gary K. - - - -
- Paul T. - - - -
- Kirk B. (R) - - - -
- Mike P. (R) - - - -
- Steve A. (R) - - - -


Edited by BigNasty06 on 04/09/2023
BN06, President
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Latest News At SJHT
Pete *The Professor* Ingemi with 3 Bass weighing a Total 11.82 lbs
Jackson *The Bass Love Me* Fu
17.73Lbs. 6 fish Assunpink Lake & Salem Canal

1. Pete Ingemi
2. David Snedeker
3. Jackson Fu
4. Jiggen Den
5. Mike Del Monico
6. Rob Masterson

Mike *The Bass SLAYER* Del Monico

1. Jeff Zeitz

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