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SJHT AOY Champ 2023
Jackson Fu
SJHT Rookie AOY Champ 2023
SJHT Bass Classic Champ 2023
Jackson Fu
SJHT 2023 Records

# of Tournaments won
Jackson Fu- 5

2023 Heaviest 3 Fish Limit- NorthEast River
Jackson Fu - 10.88lbs.

2023 Lunker- Rainbow Lake
Mike Del Monico 5.67lbs.

Heaviest Weight in 2023
Jackson Fu- 88.30 lbs.

Most Fish Caught in 2023
Jackson Fu- 39

Most Tournaments Fished in 2023- Ironman
ALL 17 Tournaments Jiggen Den

2023 Classic Winner
Jackson Fu 6 Bass totalling 17.73lbs.

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2023 SJHT Bass Classic participants

2023 SJHT Bass Classic Anglers final Day at Salem Canal 10-01-23
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2022 SJHT Bass Classic At Cooper River & Union Lake Results 10-01-22 & 10-02-22
Day 1
Place: COOPER RIVER PARK, Pennsauken, NJ
Time: 6:45am-2:45pm
Date: Saturday, October 1, 2022
Weather: Tropical Storm Ian brough overcast skies and periods of rain. Started off around 58 Degrees. Warming to a blustery 62 Degrees.
Water Temps: 62.5 degrees at start. Rising up to 64 throughout the day.
Water Clarity: Less than 1.5' visibility.
Water current and Level: High at the Start but with expected rainfall and the gates open....Dropped by 2' by end of T.
Best Lure: crankbaits, jigs, creatures
Depths fished: 2.5'~ 5.5'
Bass Limit: 3


So it Shall Be Done!!!


The 2022 SJHT season is officially finished!!! Coming out and enduring Tropical Storm Ian on a blustery and sporatic rain showers pretty much defines the latter part of our 2022 season.
There were periods of brightness. Periods of Gloom. and then the occasional Tri-Fecta where the stars aligned and anglers got on them. That right there has pretty defined our 2022 season.[/b]

Cooper River Park greeted us with cool air temps and a mild steady mist of rain during the early morning period.....and then the Sky's just Poured on us between 8am~8:30am.....Lessening up.

Once hat goes off to all of the members that came out week in and week out to compete, bust some stones, win a couple of $$$, and just enjoy being out on the water amongst one another. A Big congrats to 5 Time Angler of Year winner Mr. Brian *SubFish* McCulley. Brian defended his 2019, 2020, 2021, and now 2022 AOY Title by pretty much early August. This guy has not missed a tournament in nearly 4.5yrs.
Congrats on another SJHT Iron Man along with Jiggen Den with both fishing in All 17 Tournaments in 2022..

Hell of a year Men!!!

See Stats in the Displayed Stat Sheet.


Congrats to [b]SJHT 2022 Rookie Angler of the Year

Chancellor Negri. Wished you could have attended the Classic as you qualified for it.

Congrats to SJHT's Top 6 Anglers:
Brian, Rob M., Jiggen Den, Mike Del Monico, Jackson Fu, and Bill L.

These guys are the epitome of putting in work on the water and excellence in character.....not too mention represent the Best of the Best Year after Year!

Alright....let's get to this weekends 2022 SJHT 2 Day Bass Classic. Today, 7 out of the 12 Qualifiers descended upon the Cooper River Park where it's a winner Take all event and the coveted 2022 SJHT Custom Bass Classic Championship Belt.

Although there were alot of cookie cutter size Bass caught and culled, there were a total of 8 Bass caught giving way to a total of 17.95lbs. 4 out of 7 anglers caught at least 1 Bass. We had 2 limits caught. Day 1 Lunker went 3.34lbs and was won by Dennis *Jiggen Den* Tolentino 3rd place runner up to the 2022 AOY. . The overall avg. weight went 2.24lbs. Anchored by that Lunker Bass, Jiggen Den was in 2nd place heading into Day 2 with 3 Bass weighing 7.04lbs.

COOPER RIVER PARK Tale of the Tape:

Bill Leach held a slim lead with 3 Bass going 7.91lbs. on Day#1:

[b]and .27lb Crappie

Dennis *Jiggen Den* Tolentino also caught 3 Bass going 7.04bs

Brian's 3rd place Day 1 standings: 2.22lbs

BN06 1 Keeper went .78lbs:


Where did all the water go!!!!


So with half of the field with 1 or more Bass, anglers still battled the elements of the wind and the light rain till the very end. On day where we held our Pizza, Hoagie, and Wing Fest, anglers at least got there belly's full after the weigh-in.

So with the weather forcasted to be even more brutal with the rain, winds, and colder air temps, it was questionable who would show up to finish out the Classic. One angler, in the back of his Iron Man mind knew that huge Bass could be caught at Union and here WE ARE!!!!

"THE CLOSER" is the Title of the Day#2 Event. Where have I heard this before. LOL!!!


Day 2: Sunday, Oct. 02, 2022


"What is It".....Shout out to Brian Brooks!!


Finale Day 2

Place: UnionLake, Millville, NJ
Time: 6:30am-2:30pm
Weather: Light misty rain with Overcast skies..56 degrees at the start. Increasing only to 58 Degrees.
Winds: 15-25mph most of the day with occassional gusts over 30mphs
Water temps: 62.4 Degrees throughout and rising to around 64.0
Water Clarity: Churned up from the excessive rains flowing down from Rainbow lake and other creeks running into the waterway. 1.0'~1.5' visability
Best Lure: Crankbaits and Jigs.
Depths fished: 3.5'~ 5.0''
Bass Limit: 3


The Calm before the Downpours on Union Lake :


There were a total of 11 Bass caught giving way to a total of 25.90lbs. 4 out of 4 anglers caught at least 1 Bass. We had 3 limits caught. Day 2 Lunker went an impressive 4.31lbs and was won by Brian McCulley. The overall avg. weight went 2.35lbs. Anchored by that Lunker Bass, Brian's Day 2 ended Miraculously with 3 Bass weighing 11.81lbs.

and now the Weigh-ins:

Brian's 3 Bass weighing 11.81lbs on Day 2 and 4.31lb Lunker :

Jiggen Dens 3 Keepers went 6.80lbs and Misc. Winner 3+lb Catfish:

Bill *The Hammer* Leach Bass went 5.16lbs:

BN06's 2 Bass went 2.13lbs:

Other shots:

Did I already say.... I was off the water by a little after 1pmish: Can you say "No Mas"


UNION LAKE Tale of the Tape:

and New 2022 SJHT Bass Classic Champion:

Brian *Never Count me Out" McCulley

The 2022 End of Season Snap shot:

End of the Day..... Calling "No Mas"


2022 Comparative Analysis Top 3 Finishes:

2022 Season Weight Differential:

2022 SJHT Most Improved Angler:

Summary: Congrats to the only man who can roll out of bed and arrive late and still catch em good! Not only 2022 AOY but now our 2022 SJHT Bass Classic Champion. Brian....Take a vacation man!!! LOL!!! Season Recap: There were 242 bass weighed in totaling over 485.90 lbs. Decent 2.01lb per bass average.

[b]To all of our members, guest, followers, and supporters, I personally Thank You! Couldn't ask for a greater group of guys to spend and do our weekend warrior thing on the water.

Rob and Scott...Thanks for holding things down in my absence: A Big Thank you to those guys helping run the weigh-ins smoothly.....especially in my recent work trips. Congrats to Dennis *Jiggen Den* Tolentino on his Most Improved Angler Award. A man is never to old to improve themselves. Congrats Man!!!

Although the Weather conditions were not ideal for our last event of 2022, those die hard anglers came out and competed fiercely both days even though most wished they were probably back in bed....including myself. But hey...The Bass are already wet....So why not join them right? Eh!

Let's get ready for this years 2022 SJBCA Bass Bowl and celebrate another Title and celebrate with our RibFest! LOL! This year will be on the Delaware River to be held Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Congrats once again to Mr. Brian *SubFish* McCulley on repeating as a 5 Time AOY and this years 2022 SJHT Classic Winner. The Last of the Mohican's and this version of Belt will be retired....with New Beginnings in 2023. Stay Tuned!!!

and Can't forget our 2022 Rookie of the Year Chancellor Negri.


Thanks again to all,

BN06, President
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