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SJHT Rookie AOY Champ 2017
SJHT Runner up AOY Year 2017
SJHT 2017 Records

# of Tournaments won
Jackson Fu- 8

Heaviest 3 Fish Limit- Rainbow Lake & Merrill Creek
Sam Fitzpatrick - 11.47lbs. Jackson Fu- 11.47lbs.

2017 Lunker- Union Lake
Sam Fitzpatrick - 5.54lbs.

Heaviest Weight in 2017
Jackson Fu- 76.83lbs.

Most Fish Caught in 2017
Rob Masterson- 33

Most Tournaments Fished in 2017- Ironman
Rob M.- 17 Tournaments

2017 Classic Winner
Jackson Fu 5 Bass totalling 9.22 lbs.

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SJHT NORTHEAST RIVER, MD Club Results Thur. 05-11-17
Place: NorthEast River, MD (Anchor Marine)
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 6:00am-2:00pm
Weather: Initial overcast sky's with a mild 55 degree start. Later warming up to a Hot 60 Degrees with stormy clouds threatening rain....as the forcasted NorthEaster approaches
Water Temps: 59.5~62 Degrees
Water Clarity: Less 1.0'
Wind Gust: 10-15mph.
Best Lure: Smallie Beavers, Strike King Rattletraps, & Jigs
Depths fished: 3.0'~ 5.0''
Limit: 3

Would like to kick off this weeks report with a PSA......


Note: If one should happen to run across this guy and he comes within 25 yards of you fishing a spot blasting music, then consider reporting him to Fish & Game as the Bass don't like to be awoken first thing in the morning. Not to mention casting in front of you. You're welcome. You've been warned.

Alright now....where was I? As we continue to fish out of state due the NJ Bass Fishing Closed season, 12 members and 1 guest came out to battle what was left from the NorthEast River Flood Tide from over a week ago.

Round 7 of our 2017 season allowed us to visit NorthEast, MD and word on the street is that this is where the big girls hang out! Or at least...so we thought.


We pretty much had the ramp and parking lot to ourselves. Due to winter storms and last weeks Flood tide, the typical Holding tanks and Oxygenation setup was not in place...as the concrete foundation was being re-done.




Word on the street is that Maryland new regulations for holding Bass tournaments are not really in effect till June 15, 2017 till early November 2017. I found this somewhat odd but what do I know. This was info. provided by the Anchor Marine caddy guy.

My day on the water was somewhat mixed. I got plenty of bites and pick ups but nothing 15" or more. The water visability was less than 12". and the debris field coming down from the Susky and into the NorthEast River region was a bit daunting. I primarily focused my efforts in the NE and left the fast churning, co-co like waters to others willing to navigate the land mines. LOL!!!

Without further adieu, please give a big shout out to Jackson *Tricks are for Kids* Fu. for taking 1st place and Lunker with 3 Bass weighing 9.19lbs. His Lunker went 3.33lbs. 2nd Place was won by Rob *Ram1212* M. with 2 Bass going 4.86lbs. 3rd Place was Bill *Troop* C. with 1 Bass going 3.24lbs.

Congrats to all and way to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

NorthEast River TALE OF THE TAPE:


Jackson's 3 Bass Limit:


Rob's 2nd Place Bag:


Troops' 3rd Place bag:


Other Fellow anglers action:

Layne's catch:


Jiggen Den's catch:


That guy again making an appearance:


BN06 2 Keepers:

Sub-Par keepers thrown back....



Scenes from around NE with the rain falling:



Summary: Riddle me this Batman? Where were the Big Girls? The Bass were somewhat active and many anglers caught sub 15" fish but the ones that got away either via broken off or lack of a good hook set was plentiful. I will say that as the High Tide rolled in...around 12pmish...Things did heat up a little bit. The images shown on the ruler and on my boat were 13" and approx. 14" inchers. The rain and forcasted change in temp I believe also played a factor. There were a total of 10 Bass caught yielding a total of 25.31lbs. That gave way to a 2.53lb avg. 7 out of 13 anglers caught at least 1 Bass. Only 1 Limit was caught.

We had a good showing for a Thursday tournament.

Next up is back to the Sassafras River, Georgetown, MD out of DUFFY'S MARINA in little less than 3 weeks.


Edited by BigNasty06 on 05/15/2017
BN06, President
Official 2017 SJHT Standings after NorthEast MD Tournament

T's fished Name Points Lunker YTD Fish YTD Wgt

7 Rob Masterson 47 5.24 9 20
4 Sam F. (R) 41.79 5.54 7 20.79
6 Jackson Fu 37.21 3.33 7 16.21
3 Kyle S. 32.65 3.6 6 13.65
7 Brian M. 32.32 2.06 9 13.32
5 Joe Henderson 30.18 3.47 7 16.18
7 Dan Fitzpatrick 24.57 3.28 5 11.57
3 Layne Ell 21.95 3.62 4 10.95
3 White Mike 17.88 3.38 3 8.88
5 Bill *Trooper* C. 17.25 3.45 3 8.25
5 Bill Leach 15.99 2.94 3 6.99
7 Big Nasty 15.79 1.68 4 4.79
5 Dennis Tolentino 14.49 3.32 3 6.49
5 Andy Trapper 14.3 2.16 3 5.3
4 Matt R. 12.74 1.26 4 4.74
4 Dave S. 10.24 3.19 2 4.24
4 John Barrett 9.63 0.88 3 2.63
5 Wayne *Moe* Sr. 6.79 0.79 1 0.79
3 Joe Reed 6.02 2.02 1 2.02
2 John P. 4.95 1.95 1 1.95
4 Carlos J. (R) 4 - - -
2 Gary K. 2 - - -
2 Taylor S. (R) 2 - - -
2 Mark R. (R) 2 - - -
1 Al Coppolino 1 - - -
Edited by BigNasty06 on 05/12/2017
BN06, President
Congrats Jackson on being numero UNO. Nice bag you put together. Same to you Rob, congrats on 2nd. Tough day for me. Only had 2 bites and landed one. Evidently I was around fish but they didn't like my offering. Anyway it was great to be out on the water. See everyone on the Sass
Dont look now but Jackson is getting hot, congrats on the win man. Same to Troop on 3rd a nd anyone else who caught them.

I had my 2 keepers 645 but only shorts after that. Was a bit surprised. See everyone at the Sass.
Edited by ram1212 on 05/13/2017
jiggin den
Congrats Jackson! I new you still had it in you! LOL! Way to hang tough Rob and jump up in the standings! Nice chunk Trooper! congrats to all the other fish catchers. A lot of you heard my story. I am still thinking about it!!

Jiggin Den
Thanks guys, that place isnt what it used to be. I think all the pressure has taken its toll. Good job Rob and Troop.
Did you guys think the bigger fish have moved up yet? Every spot i fished I was catching smalls where the bigs ones usually are.

Eventually the pressure will catch up with it. Other parts of the bay will most likely become what the North East has been the last 10 years.
It seemed to me the water temps were still down. I had a lot of water where the water was still in the 55-57 degree range
Water has been steady hovering around 60 the last month. Based off the fish Ive seen caught, I dont think the majority have spawned yet. None of their tails are beat up, some of them seem not even full of eggs yet. Even with that being said, those short bites that everyone has been getting used to be 3-5 pounders constantly. I feel it is going to be some very poor years for the bay coming up. Ill let you know if my theory holds true this weekend when I have to go there again smh.
jackson wrote:
Water has been steady hovering around 60 the last month. Based off the fish Ive seen caught, I dont think the majority have spawned yet. None of their tails are beat up, some of them seem not even full of eggs yet. Even with that being said, those short bites that everyone has been getting used to be 3-5 pounders constantly. I feel it is going to be some very poor years for the bay coming up. Ill let you know if my theory holds true this weekend when I have to go there again smh.

LOL...Good luck!
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at Northeast River MD
Jackson *Taking Care of Business* Fu
9.22 Lbs. 5 fish

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3. Dan F.
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Newton Lake in the AM is still a go. See everybody in the AM.

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Winslow PD 1st Annual "Cops & Bobbers" Fishing Derby at WMA Oak Pond Sat. Oct. 14, 2017 11am-2pm... SJHT Volunteers.
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